2021.10.22 15:13 C0OO Mommy

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2021.10.22 15:13 Hexza31 İşte ATATÜRK ün çok gizli fotağrafı ;-;

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2021.10.22 15:13 BTsksk If you get camped/farmed/tunneled

If you find yourself getting farmed, playing David with we're going to live forever can help get some bonus bloodpoints as you take a protection hit after getting unhooked (with borrowed time this is potentially 2 stacks per time you're farmed in a match) to get up to 100% bonus bloodpoints
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2021.10.22 15:13 odetomurphy 45 [M4F] Central Florida put an end to unwanted *d pics

3 easy steps to stop receiving unsolicited dick pics

  1. Read my very interesting post
  2. Fall in love with me
  3. Marry me and now you never have to post or swipe right again boom.
I’m not saying that its 100% fool proof, but it’s worth a shot right?
I hope I have convinced you that I am either a supreme nerd or your dream lover.
I’m not looking for much, I’m down to be friends and see where it goes. And, maybe, as long shot as this is, you're browsing Reddit and you see this, and think "this is a good idea and take a chance, why not
Regardless. If you want to msg me, or if you want to give me a song to listen toe or playlist, or if you have good tv show recommendations, just hit me up : ) Cheers, to us
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2021.10.22 15:13 Feisty-Breakfast4214 I don't know if this counts as art but it's the infinity emkay

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2021.10.22 15:13 Nicksanni [WTS] Ops Core FAST XP M/L Tan, Peltor Comtac 3, Manta IR Strobe, Perroz Frogskin Cover [FL]

Ops Core FAST XP helmet in desert tan in great condition minimal scuffs or storage scratches. 3 hole MARSOC/WARCOM pattern shroud. Frogskin perroz designs helmet cover, Manta IR strobe (vis and IR), Like new dual comm Peltor Comtac III's in coyote with gel cups and Unity Arc Rails. Full setup means you are ready to rock. Willing to trade for: Peltor Comtac III in FDE with headband + cash on your end, KAC SR-15 CQB upper. Let me know what you have! This has been crossposted.
Asking $1750 shipped or $1700 picked up.
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2021.10.22 15:13 MarsTalks Www and why

View Poll
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2021.10.22 15:13 YogiR Mini Rig Recommendations? MJ Jammer?

Looking at grabbing a mini rig, have been for a while and have heard good things about MJ Arsenal. My shop only has the Jammer which looks super clean and compact but was wondering if anyone had experiences to share about it before I pull the trigger? Or any recommendations for a mini under 50 is appreciated!
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2021.10.22 15:13 bfahm Question about DV Lottery Photo?

Filling the application is quite simple, but the photo requirements are quite a head-scratcher for me.
So, one of the requirements is that the photo should not be edited using photo edit software, on the other hand, the picture's background should be white.
There's no way taking the picture in "front of a white wall" would result in it being the required type of white. What should I do?
Would cropping the photo so that its background becomes white cause my application to fail?
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2021.10.22 15:13 parwana8 General tips to identify scammers

  1. Check their Karma and their account age . If its very low and account age is also very low then That should be the first trigger. **Recently some heavy Karma users also scammed Student here so don't trust anyone with karma and reddit age too.
  2. Check their comments. Are they replying on almost every subject out there? And in each comment they guarantee A ? Trust me, It's not possible unless they are scammers or outsourcing the work ( in this case you could end up with a bad grade).
  3. Before hiring someone, make a search on reddit about their reddit username and discord username(maybe someone has already posted about their scam.) Search also the PayPal email , Venmo username etc cause these things are fixed whereas discord username can be changed by scammers.
  4. Check their vouches, check accounts of people who posted these vouches, still unsure? Msg these previous students, how did the whole process went.. no one is replying or all vouches commenters have 0 karma ? Should alert you.
  5. You got a random DM/Message and no comment on your post. It's a Scammer If the person is not Verified on hwformoney . We encourage you to report these cases to us so that we can ban them from participating in hwformoney
  6. If you are asking sample questions, make sure their answers aren't available online (chegg, coursehero etc). Always make them do atleast 1 hard sample question.
  7. You are being asked to pay anything before showing any work ? Be cautious.
  8. For first time , Use paypal Goods and services if you are still unsure about the tutor. In case things go south, make a dispute . Paypal always side with buyers (95 %).
PRO TIP : Use the Verified tutors if you are looking for help in the subject of their expertise. We have pinned the list of all verified tutors in the other pinned post and It gets updated everytime a new Verified tutor joins
Edit 1
Point no. 5 is below pic. I got this message when i posted this post.
[Got a Dm when i posted this](
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2021.10.22 15:13 velocipedic Governance Poll Proposals are going live in cryptocurrencymeta!

Governance Polls are how we adapt and grow this community, but they’re also a nice way to get a moons bonus on the next distribution round.
cryptocurrencymeta is where new proposals are made and then on snapshot day, the polls go live to the community to vote on.
If you have an idea to make the community better, now is the last opportunity to submit them to the meta sub for approval.
Here’s a shameless plug to my proposal: implement notifications to users whenever governance polls are posted.
[Link to the proposal]()
This will increase participation and will prevent you from missing out on those sweet sweet moon bonuses.
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2021.10.22 15:13 GBAura-Recharged Someone got their hands on Prankster!

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2021.10.22 15:13 saien25 Happy Meow-lloween 🦞🐓

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2021.10.22 15:13 MaresalVeil boyalı kısa saçlı kızlar dm

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2021.10.22 15:13 Psycho-Radish My sock has a crush on Arlo. Is this normal and can someone hook it up?

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2021.10.22 15:13 gslow Ac compressor issue

I purchased an Ecobee 3 recently and just got around to installing it. The issue I'm having is my AC compressor kicks in as soon as I turn my furnace on. If I pop my thermostat off the wall it will stop, than turn on as soon as I plug it in.
I have a C wire, and I've triple checked wiring. I even tried the PEK kit just as an alternative. At this point I'm lead to believe it's internal on the Ecobee.
As of now I've disconnected my ACs C wire from the furnace board as it's cold here and I'm running heat just fine .. but was wondering if someone had a similar issue before.
It's a single stage unit, no heat pumps just a conventional system. No splices anywhere in the system either.
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2021.10.22 15:13 DrinkplentyMalk Doing a 2d drawing shading course, how can I use Blender to make basic reference images?

I'm currently taking an online shading course for 2d illustration, and the instructor says that the best way to practice shading is to get a desk lamp and assorted cubes/spheres/cylinders. It'd cost me a bit of money (plus I can't wait the weeks ordering those things would take) so I figured I'd use Blender to get the reference images of how (for example) the line of termination works.
Literally I need to know about is how to create spheres, cubes and cylinders, then rotate a light source around them (and hoping that the effect resembles realistic lighting well enough for me to learn something). I hope that this isn't too complicated to learn, and that someone here can explain it to me in simplified terms.
Thanks for your time, of course.
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2021.10.22 15:13 ConversationPuzzled6 I knew it!

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2021.10.22 15:13 kylorensglowstick Anyone else have this problem

So, me and my boyfriend met in August finally, the happiest time of my life. We've been long distance again since last month, ever since then, I feel like he's stopped trying. He told me he doesn't feel so guilty anymore or get as much heartache about not messaging me as much and doesn't feel like he'll lose me. He used to message me all the time, call me all the time and now I'm the one putting in all the effort. I have broached the subject of feeling like he doesn't care like he used to but he just says I'm overthinking and being silly. I know he loves me, there's no doubt about it but I wish he would put the same amount of effort into us like he did before, I'm feeling heartbroken and neglected and I'm afraid to say it to him because I don't want to start a fight or have him brush off my concerns :( please help
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2021.10.22 15:13 ExternalOk4293 What could cause another May event?

So last time we broke 4300 USD, Elon was tweeting (the captain of the ship of fools who listen to him) and China started hard with their banning BTC again, and NFTs were the new HOT thing. We saw a slight dip in price then BTC fell which triggered ETH causing a TON of liquidations.
So this week alone we hit an ATH (or close) and now we are seeing a slight sell off. Which makes sense, get some profits and let stuff simmer for a bit.
In people’s opinion, what could cause another huge drop?
Tether FUD (or not FUD)? China re-banning the ban of the ban of banning the banned crypto? PoS for ETH being delayed till 2023 or beyond?
We are already seeing NFTs cool off a little.
I am long on ETH and am looking forward to a US ETH ETF for my 401k, I think PoS will be huge, I also think Russia wanting to get crypto to replace the US oil dollar as good thing for ETH, pensions are coming back in, Tom Brady is shilling FTX like a mofo, Maria Carey wants more people to listen to her holiday album, and so on, Snoop being Snoop is good for ETH.
I don’t like it, put people are lemmings and will follow a celebrity. We saw it with Elon and Cuban with DOGE.
But, in your opinion, what COULD cause a massive sell off of BTC/ETH?
I am all in on ETH (ok well 80% ETH, 19% ALTs, 1% stocks), however, I am always bearish - even though I DCA every month
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2021.10.22 15:13 theolidog How to train cockatiel to dance/bob head?

I think it’s so cute and funny when cockatiels dance and bob their head up and down. I was wondering if there is any way I can teach my tiel to do this whenever I play music? I heard they like specific songs and have favorites but no matter what song I play my tiel doesn’t really react to music although sometimes she’ll chirp along if that means anything. I try to dance along with her but she just looks at me like I’m stupid haha. Thanks!!
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2021.10.22 15:13 5betfoId 2/5: getting bullied with overpairs on paired boards multi-way?

Got into this spot multiple times yesterday and felt bullied
2/5, straddle 10, loose table
Super tight looking hero raises to $50 in CO over 2 limps with black AA, BTN rec and 2 limpers call
BTN goes “ohhh he’s playing a hand”
Flop ($200): JdJh5d Checks around
BTN comments “oh you didn’t bet?”
Turn ($200): Th Check, Check, Hero checks, BTN says “let’s try a $100” and bets $100, fold, fold, Hero calls
BTN says “oh you must have AA”
River($400): 6d Hero only has $150 left, Hero checks, BTN bets another $100
At this point I convince myself that he looks super strong with this line and speech and sigh fold.
He shows K6cc in my face.
P.S. Got bullied in another similar hand later, $1k eff, 4 handed BTN straddle $10, Hero SB $35 JJ, all 3 players call. Hero bets $55 into $140 on 773r, BB nit calls, aggro Asian on BTN raises to $180, I just never knew what to do here.
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2021.10.22 15:13 Furukawa_Shodi How to find secret rooms?

Is there a way to know for sure where the secret room is?
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2021.10.22 15:13 twiIightprincess_ Suzanne Collins website survey

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2021.10.22 15:13 max_vad How to buy the correct way and get the maximum entries? How to use the dapp and buy through the dapp?

I want to use multibuy on the dapp of the dangermoon website. Want to buy 10 entries at a time. How can I do that the correct way? I'm new to such process and feel like I can press something incorrect on the dapp and but without any entries and with one entry instead of ten. So I already connected my trust wallet to the dapp and went there through my wallet's inbuilt browser and chose there 'want to buy 10 entries' . So what's next? Should I leave the dapp and go to pancakeswap through my wallet and just buy tokens for 105$ (worth 10 entries) ? Or I should buy through the dapp or the dangermoon website?
Also please kindly tell me when I connect my wallet to the dapp it happens once and forever until I disconnect? Or I should connect my wallet to the dapp every time when I want to get there? Does it disconnect by itself when I leave the page?
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