It bears repeating.

2021.12.06 07:53 Efferitas It bears repeating.

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2021.12.06 07:53 Internal-Ad7464 Risenomics | BUSD Rewarding Rebase Token 📈 | Launching Now 🚀 Let's Rise Together! | x1000 Gem

Risenomics is a new-gen auto liquidity generating Rebase token with high BUSD Rewards!!!
🚀 Get ready for the launch! 🚀
Liquidity will be locked in team finance so your investment is 100% Safu.
Big marketing planned after launch such as promotions on Twitter, Poocoin banners followed by CG and CMC listings.

What is Rebase:
A Rebase token is an elastic supply token which means the supply changes in accordance to price movement, helping to keep the chart looking healthy. The amount of tokens and the price of the token isn't important, the market cap is the main indicator of growth.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
7%: BUSD Rewards - A percentage of each tax collected to distribute BUSD to all holders!
2% : Marketing -To ensure the non-stop marketing right after launch
1% : Liquidity - Goes directly into the LP pool the increase the price level
Total Tax: 10%

📝Contract address: 0x2ef3bcfb9793646e2d4a1bb2a771773127d0cdfe
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.06 07:53 Oneiromechanic Abstract nude by me

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2021.12.06 07:53 knithacker A New Way To Yarn Bomb! (Yarn Bombing Trivento)

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2021.12.06 07:53 Necessary_Pain5494 SantaBonk - 7% busd rewards | Chart is mooning | Great planned marketing strategy

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! SantaBonk is the latest BONK token on the Binance Smart Chain. It has a strong community who like to BONK and know how to slurp. Buy SantaBonk and hold to earn BUSD rewards every hour!
Supply 1,000,000,000
LP burnt
10% Tax

Every buy or sell transaction is taxed with a 10% fee., 7% of them are converted to BUSD and reward to holders, 2% is used for marketing. This is very important to increase or holders and new big investors. 1% we are going to use for increase the liquidity and stabilize the price.
With SantaBonk you are going to have huge BUSD rewards, so you is double benefit for you. Just holding if our token makes a x100 you win more!.
Side trivia - the contract ends in "beef". This was purely random and has nothing to do with the contract itself, but that's got to be a good omen!
Contract: 0x3fe191cb269f9beffb241b7e8413761363adaa04
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
With the current hype of BONK tokens, we will aim to provide people the most secure place for them to invest. So here we have gone back to basics, and what we mean by that is - honesty, guaranteeing that you can secure the maximum amount of profit!
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2021.12.06 07:53 mett116n I have a few questions i hope you guys wouldn't mind answering

  1. Do you feel like there's food you can't buy that you miss
  2. Is there something you wish was a lot cheaper
  3. Do you feel that most of the easy meals are bad?
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2021.12.06 07:53 siddanddewey I hated Scream 4 so much.. i dont know what it is. The whole visuals, the cheesy lines and acting, the filming location in michigan ann arbour, i just thought what an awful .. the worst! People say scream 3 the worst but naa, that was near 1&2. Scream 4 awful

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2021.12.06 07:53 Malus_Culus Where to get/ what to use for Baba Lysaga's Giant Skull

I have just finished making the creeping hut and I'm trying to work out what to use for the skull either mini or suggestions on how to make the Giant skull. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also if there is anything in Aus for it would be helpful as well as shipping can get expensive/ might take a to long before the session.
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2021.12.06 07:53 xerrofoot You'd think being able to spell 'emperor' would be an important skill in the Terran Empire...

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2021.12.06 07:53 Moncurs_rightboot Championship Team of the Week

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2021.12.06 07:53 Infamous_Ease4517 Location konsi hai guys?

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2021.12.06 07:53 Dark-Simmsy My tv use

Hi i use my tv all day everyday most for normal tv watch like foxtel and stream from 6am to around 8pm i do game but only about 8 hours but only 4 hours at a time but if my room mate is home it won't turned off till after 12am he does not know how to sleep at normal times is having it on all day bad?
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2021.12.06 07:53 TheUnknown424 JGE378 Textbook/Discord

A cry of help to anyone that has the textbook or the discord for this course. Need it to study for the exam :(
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2021.12.06 07:53 Jrose798 What’s something about dogs you didn’t realise was real/take seriously?

I am today’s years old when I saw that dogs actually can shit up a wall. I genuinely thought it was just a saying that there was just loads or it was a messy dump 🤦🏽‍♀️
I feel sorry for anyone that has one that does.
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2021.12.06 07:53 Kwang_47 Join the OF Discord Server!

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2021.12.06 07:53 princessmonstera first visit

Hi! Im new to acnh and would love trying to visit an island for the first time. I obviously wont take anything without asking first! Does anyone here want to be my first flight abroad? :)
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2021.12.06 07:53 ZoobBot 190923

This is the 190923rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.06 07:53 Opening-Principle521 LEAPMed Applicant

Hi! I'm currently a grade 12 student from La Salle College Antipolo and I applied for LEAPMed since I am hoping to be a part of the Accelerated Program. Since in 2022-2023 USTAR will be applied in most undergraduate courses, I would just like to ask if there will still be an exam for LEAPMed Applicants for the year 2022-2023? Is it an USTET-Like exam? Which subjects does it tackle? Also, do I need to fill up any forms other than the basic application form, documents, and grade encoding etc. as I apply for the LEAPMed Program?
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2021.12.06 07:53 pholisia1000 🌈Ich habe einen Telegram-Kanal mit über 1600 Beiträgen ☺️ Inhalt: Mehrere deutsche OF-Girls (Katja, Ramona, Alexis, Lucy, ...) und unzählige internationale Girls 🌈✨ Gerne sende ich euch einen kleinen Einblick vorab und die ausschließlich guten Kundenrezensionen ☺️❗️10€ Amazon Gutschein/Paypal ❗️🌈

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2021.12.06 07:53 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for burugwahm

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2021.12.06 07:53 Nicknsfw18 PIC

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2021.12.06 07:53 iugbiygiobhl HOWARD STERN Latest shows FOR FREE. STOP THE GREED!

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2021.12.06 07:53 Warden404 Sentinels man.

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2021.12.06 07:53 Amazing-Class-44 [OC] Don’t miss out on a romantic adventure of the webtoon comics “ MONSTER PET” !

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