Long Term Small Investment Advise

2022.01.18 11:04 KRATOS1133 Long Term Small Investment Advise

Greetings all,

I am new to this crypto trend. I have a sum of 2500 USD which I want to invest on the long term 05-10 years and I am confused on which crypto currencies should I bet on to have max return on the long run. I hope you will help me as friend and give me a hint or a lead to guide me.
What are the currencies that I should be buying ? (Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Cardano, XRP, Luna....?)
How should I dispatch my 25000 USD amongst them ?
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2022.01.18 11:04 PhotojournalistOk905 So Who Wins this Potentially Epic Battle? Steven or Leon?

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2022.01.18 11:04 Pyraunus As if an actual country with an airforce would allow this to happen

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2022.01.18 11:04 meuxbox Jogos da Activision Blizzard chegarão ao Xbox Game Pass como parte da aquisição

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2022.01.18 11:04 snorkleface How close can insulation get to a water heater?

Link to all pictures
Quick google search tells me my water heater needs to be 12" from any wall. My house was built with it more like 6" from the wall. There's also this vent coming out of the top that is like 3" from the wall.
As it stands, I'm not too concerned since its a cement wall. However I'm hoping to insulate my basement as I work through finishing it. Should I insulate between the wall and these objects? I'm planning on using 2" foam board. I do not plan on framing behind these, just insulation.
Does it make more sense to just skip insulating that piece? If so, it would be a roughly 9' wall of insulated, a 10' wall of uninsulated, followed by another 10' wall of insulated. Seems odd/pointless to me to do it that way. Any advice is appreciated.
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2022.01.18 11:04 Leo-Star Day 2 of drawing Smiling Friends characters on office whiteboard.

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2022.01.18 11:04 black_swan_song A̢̦̠f̵͊͝ṫ̜̝e̢͈͘r̛̺̄ y̡̜̱e͖̝̕a̢͐ͥr̞̈͠s̞̍͘ ǫ̍ͫf̡̀ͫ t͈͛͠r̡͎͐ỳ̨ͫį̪̇ň̦͘g̟͌͢, ḯ̈́͟'v͖̤͡e̖ͭ͝ b̥͗͝e͍͊͘e͔ͨ͠n̸̸̯ l̢̩ͮȗ̵̦c̸͋ͣi͊̕͞d̴̪̽ fͧͮ͜o̶̹ͮr̶̺̾ t̑̀͟h̡̄͝e̙ͬ͘ fͫ̾͢i̼ͭ͡ȓ͙͡s̷̠ͨt͕̿͝ t̪̄̎i͍͚͌m̻̜͟è̶ͭ i̶̺ͧn̡̾ͥ a͖̎́w̛̋h̛̃̅i̙͌͟ḻͬ̉e̴̫̎.

A̢̦̠f̵͊͝ṫ̜̝e̢͈͘r̛̺̄ y̡̜̱e͖̝̕a̢͐ͥr̞̈͠s̞̍͘ ǫ̍ͫf̡̀ͫ t͈͛͠r̡͎͐ỳ̨ͫį̪̇ň̦͘g̟͌͢, ḯ̈́͟'v͖̤͡e̖ͭ͝ b̥͗͝e͍͊͘e͔ͨ͠n̸̸̯ l̢̩ͮȗ̵̦c̸͋ͣi͊̕͞d̴̪̽ fͧͮ͜o̶̹ͮr̶̺̾ t̑̀͟h̡̄͝e̙ͬ͘ fͫ̾͢i̼ͭ͡ȓ͙͡s̷̠ͨt͕̿͝ t̪̄̎i͍͚͌m̻̜͟è̶ͭ i̶̺ͧn̡̾ͥ a͖̎́w̛̋h̛̃̅i̙͌͟ḻͬ̉e̴̫̎. submitted by black_swan_song to subreddit_simulacrum [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 11:04 SFUDiscussion [Discussion] 1x08 - Crossroads

Previously on Six Feet Under: https://youtu.be/QYhx5xFjBe0
CHLOE MARGARET BRYANT YORKIN 1959 – 2001 YORKIN, Chloe Anne Bryant. Born January 7, 1959 in Baltimore, Maryland. She died on April 10. Chloe worked as a Health Systems Administrator for Kaiser Permanente for 12 years and loved travel and fitness. She is survived by her parents Alexander and Vivian Bryant, her sisters Renee and Evelyn and brother Donald. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.
Viewing and Vigil will be held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 25 at Harbor Lawn Mortuary at 2400 Topsail Street in Marina del Rey.
Riding in a limo, a drunken Chloe is celebrating her new-found freedom with friends. she stands up with her head out the sunroof to scream it to the world... and loses her head, literally.
The business is a bit slow these days, so Nate and David decide to rent out a room at the funeral home to supplement the loss. Frederico is being wooed by Kroehner's and he contemplates doing it for the experience and the money. Claire is hiking in the mountains but doesn't really understand the point of it all.
Written by Laurence Andries
Directed by Allen Coulter
Next time on Six Feet Under: https://youtu.be/FUSfLdq5pkY
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2022.01.18 11:04 LucyDestroyerOfWorld Hardcovers are shipping out next week apparently.

I contacted the site and that's what they said. But hey I for one am very happy to know this and thought that I should spread the word.
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2022.01.18 11:04 ModernLifelsRubbish $DOGE 🤜🤛 $RUNE ⚡️ $TSLA

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2022.01.18 11:04 GERDI-RMTK W0057: Wetswijziging Kieswet tot verlaging stemleeftijd

Wetswijziging Kieswet tot verlaging stemleeftijd dekoul, Koning der Nederlanden, Prins van Oranje-Nassau, enz. Maakt bekend: Door de regering en de Staten-Generaal gezamenlijk is, de Afdeling advisering van de Raad van State gehoord, vastgesteld: Alzo Wij in overweging genomen hebben, dat het wenselijk is zij over wie beleid wordt gemaakt ook over dit beleid te laten stemmen; Zo is het, dat Wij, de Afdeling advisering van de Raad van State gehoord, en met gemeen overleg der Staten-Generaal, hebben goedgevonden en verstaan, gelijk Wij goedvinden en verstaan bij deze:
Artikel I De Kieswet[1] wordt als volgt gewijzigd: In Artikel B1 lid 1, Artikel B2, Artikel B2a lid 1 en Artikel B3 lid 1 worden de woorden "achttien" vervangen door "zestien".
Artikel D3 lid 1 wordt gewijzigd en komt te luiden:
1 Registratie van een persoon als bedoeld in artikel D 2 gebeurt op aanvraag, onverminderd artikel D 6, tweede en derde lid. Een aanvraag van een persoon die de leeftijd van vijftien jaar heeft, wordt in behandeling genomen ten behoeve van een registratie met ingang van de vierenveertigste dag voor het bereiken van de zestienjarige leeftijd.
Artikel Ya 14 lid 1 wordt gewijzigd en komt te luiden:
1 De leden van de eilandsraden worden gekozen door degenen die op de dag van de kandidaatstelling ingezetenen zijn van het openbaar lichaam en op de dag van de stemming de leeftijd van zestien jaar hebben bereikt.
Artikel II Deze wetswijziging treedt in werking op 1 januari 2024 na goedkeuring door de Staten-Generaal.
Artikel III Deze wetswijziging dient aangehaald te worden als Wetswijziging Kieswet tot verlaging stemleeftijd en dient door allen die het aangaat, uitgevoerd te worden.
Memorie van Toelichting Uit een onderzoek van de Raad Openbaar Bestuur (ROB)[2] is gebleken dat jongeren te weinig politiek betrokken zijn. Het onderzoek adviseert de kiesleeftijd te verlagen naar 16. In andere landen in Europa is dit voor sommige verkiezingen al het geval, met succes. Deze wetswijziging maakt het mogelijk voor personen van 16 en 17, zo'n 400.000 mensen volgens het CBS[3] om te stemmen bij verkiezingen. Dit teneinde het politiek bewustzijn van deze mensen te bevorderen en de mogelijkheid te bieden zich uit te kunnen spreken tegen beleid wat óók invloed heeft op hen.
Deze wetswijziging is ingediend door henkkrol69 namens SP. [1] https://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0004627/2022-01-01
[2] https://www.raadopenbaarbestuur.nl/documenten/publicaties/2019/06/24/jong-geleerd-oud-gedaan
[3] https://www.cbs.nl/nl-nl/visualisaties/dashboard-bevolking/bevolkingspiramide
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2022.01.18 11:04 SeagerLYN Hi Darren

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2022.01.18 11:04 meuxbox Xbox anuncia aquisição da Activision Blizzard por apenas US$ 68 bilhões

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2022.01.18 11:04 LesbianFollower Should I be upset about not being treated as part of a team?

I’m a high school senior, I’ve been managing our schools girls basketball team for the past three years. We’ve had a different coach each time due to many issue. I don’t agree with how our new coach runs things but I respect that he shows results. At the beginning of the season the coach told me he wouldn’t order team gear for managers. (I’m the only high school manager so I was the only one affected and I didn’t care so much) but recently the middle school basketball team has been practicing with our high schoolers. One of the eighth graders has been traveling with our team to games as well. Including when she misses her classes. She’s been treated as a manager for travel. Recently the girls’ team gear came in, and the eighth grader got team gear over me. All of these are personalized for the girl who wears it (number and last name.) Many of the girls on the team have asked why I didn’t receive one but the eighth grade girl did, especially because she’s not even supposed to be traveling with us, and are upset when I tell them that I just didn’t receive one. Should I be upset about this? On one hand it’s incredibly trivial and I know it’s high school, but on the other this isn’t the first time I haven’t been treated as part of the team or as a senior. Should I be upset? Or should I let this go? If I should be upset, what can I even do?
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2022.01.18 11:04 homicidal_penguin Anyone elses power out in plateau?

I'm on bruxelles and just lost power, anyone else?
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2022.01.18 11:04 RouCitizen Hombre se masturbó en la calle y terminó en prisión; ya había cometido el mismo delito

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2022.01.18 11:04 theKickAHobo Driving a small motor and the board on the same battery in parallel.

I have a 9V battery that I have split out to 2 pairs of wires. one hot and ground going to the board and the other hot and ground going to a motor through a relay module. anytime the board switches the relay closing the circuit to the motor the whole board just shuts down. I am not away of how another circuit that is parallel to the board could affect the board. Is it somehow getting overloaded? is it just a sudden drop or spike in voltage? How can I get power to my motor from the battery that is controlled by the board?
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2022.01.18 11:04 OringRoding Stumpjumper upgrade

I bought Stumpjumper Alloy 29” last spring and am now planning for some small upgrades. It came with powerspline bottom bracket. Does anyone know if a SRAM DUB BSA will fit out of the box?
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2022.01.18 11:04 DelDarX Does anyone know any webistes to watch Turkish series with English subtitles?

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2022.01.18 11:04 AlecSaracen What small purchase have you made that marginally improves your quality of life or solves some annoying little problem you used to have?

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2022.01.18 11:04 DarkKirby14 Pokemon Brilliant Diamond #9: Home Is Where The Hearthome Is

hello everyone, DarkKirby14 here and with me here today is the next edition of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Today, our heroine continues on to the next city which is Hearthome, all the while training the team along the way and getting it up to snuff for an incoming battle against our rival


playthrough to this point:
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2022.01.18 11:04 BeerInsurance Is a hot dog a sandwich? This time it is.

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2022.01.18 11:04 Mixitupdoc So true! Think Garbage Pail Kids

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2022.01.18 11:04 bucket--bot one day ever

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2022.01.18 11:04 Ecstatic-Sirr For my fellow fallen brothers, you are not alone

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