Its been a while since i draw hehe hope you like it (Aether and Abyss Lector and Abyss Herald)

2022.01.18 10:50 Aether1430 Its been a while since i draw hehe hope you like it (Aether and Abyss Lector and Abyss Herald)

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2022.01.18 10:50 BeyondTheDayBreak How to transfer from pad to outdoors? And barking problem?

Hello, I have recently been looking after a dog that was not originally my own, and after a few complications with the owner, he has been given to me. He is a year old now, very small dog, and using the potty on his pad, he's very well trained on that but I have been wanting him to go outside and am not sure where to get started, or if there is an option to train him to use both? I like to believe I can potty train, but have never had to teach a dog to use outside after using the pad for all (so far) his life, so I worry a little.
Now, besides this. His barking. He can bark when we are out, and even inside, it isn't a problem. It's just if I leave and come home, or if anyone is over and he can't have access to them (sniffing and playing with them, but not everyone is a dog person) he will bark like crazy and pretty loudly too. I thought it could be something like separation anxiety, and/or just him being super excited to see people. He isn't agressive at all, just lots of jumping and barking, after a while calms down and naps regardless if guest(s) are still there or not.
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2022.01.18 10:50 lifeordeathsworld Daring today, aren't we

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2022.01.18 10:50 Inbaytokenken A new monster joins the battle

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2022.01.18 10:50 snacksfromlastnight Don’t sleep on ACS, $125oz

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2022.01.18 10:50 etfdwyudddd Union st

hi, is the part of union st outside Bank of Scotland open for cars? help
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2022.01.18 10:50 Razor-V Can I change my Data Center on PS4? And how?

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2022.01.18 10:50 CreativeVideoTips How to Export a Still Frame as JPEG Image in DaVinci Resolve [Tutorial]

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2022.01.18 10:50 King_Midas_Xynopyt BOON IDEA


Snuffing a Boon lets you bring back a Hex (to discourage Boonery, but the boons are allowed to be used infinitely)
What's the reddit communities thoughts?
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2022.01.18 10:50 _LususNaturae_ Microsoft to buy Activision in $68.7 billion all-cash deal

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2022.01.18 10:50 I_R0M_I Downsides to buying a hacked Vita?

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2022.01.18 10:50 PlutoISaPlanet My trip is over and I'm interested in renting my trailer out to be lived in, not driven around. Anyone know of a setup like that?

I'm cheating a little. I have my trailer in this kind of set up currently. A guy I know was setting up a small park as a sort of glamping destination and my trailer is parked there and earning good money as a short term rental. It's been rented for a period of 60 days with upcoming rentals for 5 months and 2 months in the future. Communication hasn't been great with this guy though and I'd like to put the trailer in a similar situation somewhere but don't know where to look. Any ideas?
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2022.01.18 10:50 AxelWomack I want to make a spicy chicken and rice dish and suggestions?

Nothing complicated I am new to cooking.
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2022.01.18 10:50 fightfarmersfight Rebuilt 36g with an overflow of plants. Waiting on my cycle to be complete, then turning it into a rainbow tank! Looking for suggestions for cool tank mates that are unique also!

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2022.01.18 10:50 N30trax I dropped out of college after 3 years is it a good decision?

I dropped out of the course that I don't like after 3 years my mom is disappointed because I'm gonna grow up as a person without a degree and I don't feel like finding another course because the thing is I draw for a living I'm accepting commissions and getting paid I'm not into nft tho but ain't it the same? Having a degree get a job and get paid I mean I'm already getting paid i know I just wasted 3 years of my life there but I feel so free after I dropped did I really made a good decision or not?
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2022.01.18 10:50 PlebDarthGabriel Blizzard Activision purchased by Microsoft for $68,7 billion dollars. Almost nice

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2022.01.18 10:50 Willing-Clock-8884 Amigas y Rivales la Revancha. Segunda audición. Kiara moon.

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2022.01.18 10:50 kopriva85 Why even bother sharing these questions if you're not going to answer them?

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2022.01.18 10:50 AdditionalGap9147 Ex trying very hard to get back together

Hello reddit folks,
I (28M) was in a long distance relationship with this girl(25) for ~9 months. In those 9 months, we had a lot of petty fights which I got tired off. She used to be rude to me on the phone, used to hang up the phone randomly because I said something she didn't like and kept testing me all the time (to see when I would break and freak out). We used to have arguments very frequently and every argument was immediately followed by her apologising and having a desire to have a very passionate love making session. She used to take the argument to such a level that I would say, "this is not going to work out". And as soon as I would say that, she would apologize profusely.
Tired of this cycle, I ended the relationship stating to her that it was a toxic relationship and fighting regularly and resolving a fight with sex is not the way forward.
She again started apologising and this time I did not take her back. I broke up with her 4 months ago and she is still trying to get back with me. She is sending me long messages every day on how she sees a future with me, how I broke her heart, that she is crying everyday.
I hate to see anybody go through this. I am now feeling guilty that she is going through such emotional turmoil just because I left her. And the way she is still trying to get back to me despite me saying NO so many times makes me think she might have other mental issues.
How should I approach this so she can move on and stop texting me? And sometimes I feel so guilty of breaking up with her that I think I should get back with her. What should I do?
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2022.01.18 10:50 ammoprofit BRKA, Insurance, and Munger's Slip Up

First, read u/Longjumping_College's DD on BRKA.
Then, read my DD on why longs pump assets' values prior to market crashes. This is explains why we reach market ATHs just before crashes.
Remember when I wrote up the Headspace Games DD about how to read the news? If you missed it, read it. If you want a shorter version, you can check out my notes on the NYSE's changing of the guard.
Ready for the dip? Now read this news bite:

At the Berkshire Hathaway 2021 annual meeting, executive vice chair Charlie Munger made an offhand remarking identifying Greg Abel as the successor to CEO Warren Buffett. Greg Abel is currently Berkshire's vice chair of Non-Insurance Business Operations and the chair of subsidiary Berkshire Energy Holdings.
Are you the kind of person who prefers to watch videos? CNBC covered this back in May. I caught this at the time, but I missed the implications.
That is a two sentence news bite that is packed full of juicy goodness.
  1. Charlie Munger wouldn't be taking over as CEO.
  2. Greg Abel is head of the Non-Insurance Business Operations.
  3. The journalist who asked the question is very good at digging.
Insurance Retirement Plans As A Market Product Many insurance companies offer retirement plans through the market. They get many of the benefits of the market in a more opaque market.
Opaque markets are synonymous with lucrative.
Rephrasing that slightly, "The insurance retirement plans provide many of the same products as their competitors, like banks, without their competitors' industry regulations."
They don't necessarily have the same regulations as their competitors for effectively the same market product, but they have plenty of regulations.
There's been a lot of great DD recently about the Insurance companies being the bagholders on the short positions through various swap mechanics. Here is also a quick image summary.
Putting the two pieces together, it's not pre-emptive if they're under water. It's a fucking bailout.
Term: Financial Infrastructure Remember when the SEC report indicated an, "idiosyncratic risk," to the, "financial infrastructure?"
Yeah. The SEC used that term because it's the most accurate words to give the least information to who is at risk.
Keep. Fucking. Digging.
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2022.01.18 10:50 keric85 Island open. Have fruits veggies and shops open

Dodo code M66CH please don't mess with flowers
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2022.01.18 10:50 MrPemmfub Been awhile since I made a video but here you go

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2022.01.18 10:50 NFT_ThreePeaches Tres /5 dropped!

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2022.01.18 10:50 WhiteShirttBlueJeans Modi can’t speak? Tech glitch during WEF speech triggers bogey of ‘teleprompter PM’

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2022.01.18 10:50 definitely_not_bees Barcelona to install "intelligent" organic waste bins that require NFC chips to open. A sign of modernity that is just to prevent dumpster diving.

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