Got bored during Science Class.

2022.01.18 09:39 Quickslash71 Got bored during Science Class.

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2022.01.18 09:39 lille_motzitz *laughs in superior*

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2022.01.18 09:39 TheNegalodon UK Parlour palm slowly shrivelling up and dying over ~6months. Kept out of direct sunlight (small north facing room), good drainage and not often watered (more frequent now as i’m worried it’s drying out) Please help! The leaves just dry up and die one by one!

UK Parlour palm slowly shrivelling up and dying over ~6months. Kept out of direct sunlight (small north facing room), good drainage and not often watered (more frequent now as i’m worried it’s drying out) Please help! The leaves just dry up and die one by one! submitted by TheNegalodon to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 09:39 SnooChocolates1470 Cracks me up seeing things like this about RS3

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2022.01.18 09:39 TidePodaEater The 6 Phases of diarrhea

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2022.01.18 09:39 New-Needleworker-379 Rope Climbing Mania!

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2022.01.18 09:39 Madiator2011 - Recived first donation and guess what it's Monero

Hi everyone!
I'm creator of website that allows people to watch content from LBRY protocol with respect for privacy by allowing access via Tor. Recently I added donations for lot of crypto to support website development and recently noticed I recived first donation using Monero. Not sure who send it but want to say thank you. PS: What would be best way to make swaps between LBC/XMR many people asked about being able to buy LBC with XMR :)
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2022.01.18 09:39 PrincessZaiross Yena’s Smiley (feat. Bibi) is exactly what I needed

I never got to know individual members of IZONE so I didn’t know much about Yena. But yesterday I clicked on the Smiley MV because the concept looked so fun. Now I’m obsessed with the song! No joke, it’s been on repeat ever since. The last weeks have been really really stressful for me and some nights, when everything becomes too overwhelming, I just have breakdowns (tmi i know). But this song makes me so happy! She sings in such an uplifting way, you can really hear how she smiles while singing! And the way she sings „I never wanna cry all day“, she sounds so determined, that alone makes me happy. And don’t get me started on Bibi’s part. It‘s is so cute! I’m happy I got to know a new side of her. And Yena’s performance is such a mood maker! When I hear the song I just want to get my as up and dance with her. Everything about the song and her makes me smile. Her smiley powers were super effective on me lol. Smiley is exactly what I needed in a time like this. From now on I try to smile my problems away!
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2022.01.18 09:39 FuzzyAffect217 Successful people are in control of almost every single situation

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2022.01.18 09:39 ChocoKoyokoyo Is conditioner enough for washing off salt water?

I'm a male growing my hair out. These days I found out shampoo is not supposed to be used every day, so I'm avoiding it. But I live right next to the sea and take a bath in it quite often. So is conditioner enough for washing off salt water? I've heard people saying it's good and others saying it's bad...
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2022.01.18 09:39 TheRealLaszlo The Movement To Stick Inflation Blame On Biden

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2022.01.18 09:39 Poggers_Loggers Tualaim keyboard

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2022.01.18 09:39 reviewsguitar7 Guitar Fender Limited Edition American Professional II Jazz Bass in Dark Night

HomeFender GuitarsFender Bass GuitarsGuitar Fender Limited Edition American Professional II Jazz Bass in Dark Night GuitarsBass GuitarsBrandsFENDERFender GuitarsFender Bass Guitars
Familiar, but Fresh When you pick up this bass, you’ll find it immediately familiar. The same comfort, feel and sonic versatility is present that has made the instrument so popular among a legion of players from contrasting genres. It’s equipped with brand new V-Mod II Jazz Bass single-coil pickups – which are characterised by the same great clarity and punch that’s become synonymous with the instrument.
Alongside this, you’ll find a slim C shaped neck profile augmented with smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a smartly sculpted neck heel and a ‘super natural’ satin finish. This all combines to create one seriously comfortable playing experience – even during the longest practice sessions and live shows!

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2022.01.18 09:39 mic_droo No, Business Insider didn't "change their prediction" - you cannot both complain about "biased media reporting" on crypto and when a medium reports in an unbiased fashion

Sometimes you people are absurd. Right now, there's a post climbing to the top of "hot", titled

"Business Insider a few months ago: “Bitcoin price to $100k”. Business Insider now: “Bitcoin's slump could be the start of a crypto winter”
The OP read an article that talked about the possibility of a bear market and got really mad. That article is called
Bitcoin's slump could be the start of a 'crypto winter' that sees prices crash, UBS says. Here are three reasons why.
,emphasis by me (also in the following headlines). It reports on analyses by "analysts at investment bank UBS" and gives potential reasons why a bear market could be ahead. They make very clear that this is not their prediction, even in the headline. They report on stuff, they don't predict stuff.
Okay, so OPs criticism is that BI is too negative on crypto? Nope, he critizices that "they changed their predictions" and presents some articles from a few months ago, like
Bitcoin just surpassed all-time-highs, soaring above $66,000. A chief market strategist lays out why $100,000 is the next stop.
Bitcoin to $100,000, ether to $5,000: Famed investment strategist Lyn Alden explains her bullish predictions
for some of them he even fakes the headlines so they seem worse than they are: he altered
Bitcoin to peak at $100,000: Influencer BitBoy Crypto shares his journey into crypto, and explains why one of the worst bear markets ever could happen after the next big run up
Bitcoin to peak at $100,000
so he could make it seem like a prediction by Business Insider.
And you know what's the worst? He cherry-picked the current article. There were articles presenting bullish opinions by analysts 11 days and 3 days ago. And if you really need me to, I'll find you a few bearish articles from a few months ago.
"Their analysis" didn't change, they never had one. They present multiple opinions and predictions to their audience and hope it's intelligent enough to make up their own opinion. Well, I guess not all of them are.
tl;dr: you always complain that the media is so biased and one-sided - but if one medium presents multiple opinions and possible scenarios across the spectrum you don't like it either. make up your mind.
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2022.01.18 09:39 Sincyper Level up doesn't break chain?

I remember watching videos saying that if a Pokemon goes up a level during a chain, it breaks it.
I just had two pokemon level up on a chain I have going and it's still going.
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2022.01.18 09:39 Murky_Independence61 My [28F] BF [25M] isn’t responding to me and I don’t know what to do.

I [28F] was in a long distance relationship with my bf [25M] for 2 years. Through the duration of our relationship he was flying interstate to see me for an average 1 week at a time. It got to a point where we were deciding on who was going to move cities and we both agreed that he would move down to my city. We both still live with our parents so we were planning on moving out together. He suggested an AirBnb idea to trial how we would live together and I lost my shit at him.
In hindsight I feel bad for what I did;
Him: I think we should consider getting an AirBnB.
Me: If I’m being honest if I were to tell my friends that they would find that really embarrassing. And you know my friends come up to me and go “what the fuck are you still doing with that guy”? Maybe you think this way because you’re 24.
Him: Wow okay I just think it’s a good idea.
Me: I’ve been at my parents house my whole life and I’m sick of it!
Him: Yeah but you have to see if from my perspective, I’ll be losing my whole support system which includes what I know, my friends and family.
Me: Okay… okay… okay…
Him: We also have to consider the financial aspect of this move.
Me: Omg moving shouldn’t be this difficult, I just want to be with someone who is fun!
Him: Well if we can have adult conversations about moving down, can we please have adult conversations about the level of physical intimacy?
Me: You’re not going to like my answer.
Him: What is it?
Me: I just don’t think we’re meant to be together. You know what I’m just calling it, don’t even bother moving down. I’m breaking up.
I now sit here wanting him back because I actually want to try that idea. I still want him to move to my city as we can move into a place together, and have been calling him and messaging him but he hasn't picked up at all. I regret what I did and just want to be happy with him.
tl;dr: Broke up with ex and regret it.
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2022.01.18 09:39 xXMistaXx Why is the phrase “Straight white male” being thrown around so frequently?

Everytime there’s a discussion centring around oppression of POC, this phrase is usually brought up like 99% of the time.
Why can’t it be white male? Why does sexuality have to get involved? I’m pretty sure there has been gay white oppressors too.
E.g. “Buck breaking”.
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2022.01.18 09:39 flaminmonke trading sp but needing a diet

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2022.01.18 09:39 ReturntoPleistocene Should the Barbary Macaque be returned to Europe?

Should the Barbary Macaque be returned to Europe? The Barbary Macaque(Macaca sylvanus) is the sister taxon to the clade of all other living macaque species. It is an endangered species of Macaque now restricted to the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco, along with a small introduced population on the Rock of Gibraltar.
Ronald Troostwijk
This was not always the case. Macaca sylvanus has been present in Europe since the Late Miocene when it may have entered Europe during the Messinian salinity crisis, between around 5.9 and 5.3 Ma, in which the the Mediterranean Sea occasionally dried out. By the Early Pleistocene, it was found around the Mediterranean in areas including the modern Black Sea region and southern France. By Early Pleistocene Macaca sylvanus was present around the Mediterranean, in peninsular Italy, Sardinia (where it speciated into the dwarf form Macaca majori) and Spain, and also as far north as Tegelen in the Netherlands.
Macaca majori and Dwarf Running Hyena (Chasmaporthetes melei) by Hodari Nundu
By the end of the Early Pleistocene Macaca sylvanus was everywhere on Mainland Europe. Middle Pleistocene fossils of Macaca sylvanus are known from as far off as South-eastern and eastern Britain.
However in the Late Pleistocene, they seem to have disappeared from Great Britain and most of Northwestern Europe, though remained widespread in central and southern Europe until they became extinct. Currently the latest occurrence of Macaca in Europe is at Hunas in Germany, dated between 85 ka and 40 ka. It seems it's range expanded north during warmer periods and that there was some level of thermal or behavioural constraint on its dispersal.
Macaca sylvanus during the Eemian interglacial along with gray patridges, a robin, dholes, aurochs, red deer, straight tusked elephants and a peregrine falcon. By Hodari Nundu
It's extinction coincides with that of other interglacial fauna like the elephant Palaeoloxodon antiquus, the rhinoceros Stephanorhinus hemitoechus and the hippopotamus Hippopotamus antiquus. Since modern Macaca sylvanus inhabit deciduous and coniferous forest, it makes sense it went extinction with the forest adapted fauna during the first half of the last glacial due to loss of forest cover. While humans (Homo sapiens) are another plausible cause, they had coexisted with other Homo sp. for atleast a million years. However Macaca sylvanus are not good at coexisting with humans unlike their Asian brethren and human influence is a negative one on their population. Evidence of hominins (both fossils of H. neanderthalensis and/or stone tools) is also found with Macaca (although not always within the same levels) at a number of Late Pleistocene sites, including Hunas and Hominins to this this very day hunt monkeys for bushmeat so it is likely that along with habitat loss (which the macaque had survived many times throughout the Pleistocene), human hunting may have been a decisive factor in it's extinction.
Karyn Sig
Currently overgrazing, uncontrolled logging, and tree pruning is threatening the natural habitat on which it depends and it is in danger of going extinct. Recently, the Barbary Macaques in the Middle Atlas have been observed stripping the bark from trees and sucking flowers to get the sap, behaviour uncommon until a few years ago. Researchers from IUCN found that the degradation of the cedar forest and the scarce access to water resources due to a new pit construction, were to blame for the change in behaviour. Poaching for the pet trade is another major threat to its survival.
I think rewilding the Barbary Macaques to Southern Europe atleast could allow for their population to recover as well as provide a safe population incase they are extirpated in Africa. Monkeys are also popular among the general public and I think this is a fairly reasonable endeavour when compared to wolves, bears or leopards. So what do you think? Should the Barbary Macaque be returned to Europe?
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2022.01.18 09:39 AliceInGainzz [QUESTION] Best tone for my bumberscotch Tele?

Best tone possible? Boss Katana? Thx
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2022.01.18 09:39 greatgatsbyeee Help for bumps between my brows :(

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2022.01.18 09:39 celestwatches Now available on the Google Play store for Wear OS devices: CELEST 1940 Military Watch Play store link: CELEST catalog link: #wearos #wearosface #smartwatch #samsunggalaxywatch4 #samsunggalaxywatch4classic

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2022.01.18 09:39 Isbonkers will the rtx 3050 be worth it

I have a chance to get it at 430$ on the nivida website AUD but I'm hearing that it will be worse than an rtx 2070? is this true?
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2022.01.18 09:39 jacobcrackers14 Hey cheebye already say no tauge means tauge ada faham?

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2022.01.18 09:39 jackm053 Last minute nursing school interview tips?

I applied for UK nursing school a few weeks back and heard back from them yesterday evening. They’d like me to attend an online interview tomorrow morning, which will consist of a 20 minute essay to test my literary skills, followed by a 30 minute zoom interview in which I’ll be asked interview questions. With it being such short notice I’ve started immediately on the interview prep, reading and making notes on the nmc code of conduct. As well as answering example questions I’ve found online. Does anyone have some last minute tips that I could use for tomorrow?
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